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“Students talk about CIS Lao Cai International School.”

So much has occurred over the past seven months at CIS-Lao Cai, from the first day on the new campus to where we are now. The time has gone by so fast. My experience at CISLC has been positive because I know that whenever I am at school, I can get the support that I need to reach my full potential. I like that with everything that we do, we learn new things that help us now but also prepare us for the future. I look forward to going to school every morning because I know that in every subject, whatever we do, it will be enjoyable.

Kamilka Grade 8

At CIS, I find myself learning a lot of new things, such as Canada's history, people, and life there. I feel that this kind of learning is very new to me. The most special thing that I feel is that my English skills are better than when I was in previous school. Every day, going to school is a joy for me because I can meet my friends and teachers. I feel very happy to study at such a wonderful school

Canh Minh Grade 7

After 7 months of studying at CIS Lao Cai, I have been able to freely express my creativity and ideas. The school has created an environment that not only I but other students can trust and feel safe in. I can also see the teacher’s and staff’s dedication towards our education and well-being, and how much they care about every student, which makes me feel very comfortable being at school.

Hong Lam Grade 8

When I went to CIS school, I improved a lot in English. I have improved my speaking, writing, and listening skills and other academic results recently. I was so happy that I was able to change like that. When I study at school, my spirit is relaxed
and always happy. Thank you, CIS, for everything.

Tung Lam Grade 8

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    We ensure top-quality learning experiences are for all students and staff to achieve their best. Exceptional quality of education is achieved through cultivating curiosity and a passion for discovery as central to teaching and learning.


    We inspire and engage all learners to be inquisitive, independent, and compassionate citizens.

    Dr. Richard Tapajna
    Canadian International School Lao Cai (CIS LAO CAI)

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